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CBP Marketing

The CBP Marketing course is geared towards persons interested in marketing job or improving their marketing skills. Get the essential information and skills required for marketing.

CBP Tourism and Hospitality

The CBP Tourism and Hospitality Certification provides the business or tourism professional with working knowledge of the essential concepts and skills required for developing, operating and sustaining a tourism industry.

CBP Project Management

The CBP Project Management Course equips the business professionals and project managers with leading methodologies and practices in the project management field.

CBP Human Resources

The CBP™ Human Resources Management certification program is geared towards the individuals looking to learn how to manage employees and motivate them.

CBP Sales

The CBP Sales training and Certification program is geared toward any individual involved in the practice of selling products or services. Learn the three basic requirements of an effective salesperson.

CBP Business Communication

The CBP Business Communication training and certification program is geared towards the individuals looking to learn the basic of effective communication in today’s business environment.

CBP Customer Service

This Certification program is aimed towards persons interested in learning the very essential basics that anyone in the Customer Service business must know.

Media and Technology

One of the world’s largest group of specialists respected for helping shape many of the world’s most recognized brands and helping those brands.

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The CBPe™ credential is for business professionals who wish to demonstrate expertise in all five CBP™ foundation areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Business Etiquette and Business Communication.

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The CBPme™ (CBP Master Executive) program is for candidates who wish to specialize and gain mastery in specific business skills segments such as Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Business Management and Technology.

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The Professional Diploma in Business Administration equips the candidates with an essential set of vast knowledge and professional skills required to successfully address the challenges of business management across various disciplines.

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The Certified Manager CBP cm, is an award winning certification to help managers to develop their essential management skills as a first step toward building their leadership career. It will help you develop skills needed to manage your teams to achieve business objectives.

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The CBP CI (CBP Certified Trainer) program is for candidates who wish to specialize and gain mastery in Trainer of trainers filed. It is ideal for professionals who want to become corporate trainers.

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The CYBP™ curriculum is developed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) in an effort to provide a global standard for introducing students to the essential knowledge and skills required to be a young business professional, regardless of the industry.

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