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We Were Delighted with The Support And Cooperation Extended By CBP.

19 Mar 2015 Written by : Mohmmed Massood
We had been searching for a Training and Certification Program for our employees for a while and when we came across CBP, we went ahead and compared the CBP program with the other training programs available in the market and found that CBP Training and Certification Program was better in terms of accessibility as well as relevance with regards to the our business in context of the business environment in the Region. As majority of our business is bilingual, CBP Course Material is the best suited for our needs. We were delighted with the support and cooperation extended by CBP to Invita starting from our initial enquiry through the successful implementation of the program. We look forward to a fruitful business relationship with CBP both as a customer and a partner.”

With over 80,000 employees globally

19 Mar 2015 Written by : Norbert van Halderen
With over 80,000 employees globally, it is essential for an organization of our magnitude to ensure that we have a standardized yet internationally aligned approach to providing solutions to our diverse customer base, regardless of what region or continent we are operating in. It is for this reason that we strive to associate the Ricoh Group, with international bodies who are experts in setting international standards.

Customer Service

16 Mar 2015 Written by : Diana Hoover
“I feel strongly that the material covered on Customer Service is right on point, easy to read and relevant,”
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