Bahrain, Invita Completes the Accreditation Renewal Process.

Invita has completed the accreditation renewal process to be an Authorized Training Provider-ATP in Bahrain for the year 2017-2018.
Invita is highly positioned in the GCC region as a leading multi-lingual Contact Center providing an extensive range of inbound and outbound services around the clock. Invita strongly believes that adopting professional training and development programs into overall business plans is of paramount importance. Training is integral to allow individuals and organizations to successfully meet the challenges faced in today’s competitive market place.
Invita is able to provide both instructors and manuals in Arabic to further ensure the success and efficacy of our training programs.
Value of Invita’s training programs;
  1. Proof of professional achievement and enhanced employability
  2. Expanded knowledge and skills base to assist in pursuing more career paths
  3. International certification
  4. Available in both English and Arabic
By having Invita as one of CBP training providers ATPs in 2017, TRACK and IBTA open the door to record more successes in training and qualifying CBP students.
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