DEWA Launches Fifth Phase of Beyond Customers Expectations Program

As part of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) efforts to provide customers with services that exceed their expectations, DEWA launched the fifth phase of its ‘Beyond Customers Expectations program’, which provides staff with a comprehensive framework focused on the highest quality standards in service provision and customer happiness. 61 employees from DEWA’s Customer Care Centre, 63 employees from DEWA’s Customer Happiness Centers, and 10 employees from DEWA’s Invoice Services department will participate in the program.
The program includes an introduction to customer services, enhancing communication skills, identifying customer needs, enhancing interpersonal skills via the internet and telephone, dealing with inappropriate behavior and angry customers, establishing service quality standards for each department, and providing added-value services. It also includes team building and emotional intelligence, time management, dealing with stress, and monitoring key performance indicators. Once completed, participants will undergo an examination to attain credit for the Certified Business Professional (CBP).
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