New Edition of the CBP Train the Trainers; Discover the New Methodologies.

TRACK IBTA-Arabia launched the Second Edition 2017 of the CBP Arabic Certification “Train Of  Trainers” - TOT after the great success of the first edition of the program and the valuable feedback received from our partners which was the building block for the second edition development. The CBP TOT 2015 program was launched by TRACK and IBTA (The International business training Association) in 2015 since TRACK IBTA-Arabia is committed to support partner’s trainers with the latest international techniques and training methodologies to apply the highest international standards in training delivery. Developing and accrediting the contents to be delivered by prestigious regional training providers across the MENA region is the commitment TRACK & IBTA took to support the MENA region since the program started early in year 2008.
The program Manager Mr. Mustafa Abdulrazaq said: "We believe that the trainers are the most important and valuable asset in the training process. Not only the Trainer should be part of the training delivery, but also should be involved in the early stages of training by conducting TNA, contents development, training delivery, evaluation..etc.; with our TOT program we do all that! Companies dealing with non-certified or non-qualified trainers discovered that training goals and objectives were not met due to the absence of the international training standards. In today’s rapidly changing training business environment, we can see that there is a growing demand for the international certifications and the certified trainers, which is the main initiative took by TRACK & IBTA to drive and move forward with the offering of second edition CBP TOT 2017 program
New topics and methodologies were added/enhanced  in the second edition like:
  • Training program Management
  • How to manage and run Workshops/conferences.
  • The Future aspects in the TOT
  • Professional trainer needs and his/her communication module.
As the first batch of the second TOT edition, TRACK is glad to announce that its partners are planning to conduct CBP Training of Trainers (TOT) courses in Dubai, UAE and Jeddah, KSA

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