TRACK IBTA-Arabia Interacts with Students of Middlesex University and Offers Internship Opportunities to Students

TRACK has participated in the Career Fair event organized by Middlesex University to provide opportunity to its students to connect with companies. This event has allowed companies to communicate with Middlesex University students and offer-training opportunities to them to acquaint them with the workplace atmosphere and familiarize them to the methods followed in Businesses.   . student submitted their CVs in this career fair and were selected. The HR Department will communicate with the shortlisted students after reviewing and evaluating their skills.   TRACK is committed to train and seek to collaborate and work with leading and distinguished schools and universities due to its firm belief that knowledge alone is not enough. Students need to build upon their skills through training and development, which in turn enhances these skills further. TRACK adheres strongly to this in its internationally accredited programs that are provided and delivered in over 50 authorized training centers in the Middle East.
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