TRACK IBTA-Arabia Renews CBP Agreement With CED Of University Of Dubai – UAE for the Year 2017.

TRACK IBTA-Arabia has completed the accreditation renewal process of the University Of Dubai-UAE.
As accredited, University Of Dubai has officially become an authorized CBP training and certification provider- ATP for the year 2017.
The Executive Development (CED) continuing education arm of the University of Dubai has been transforming lives and careers since 2004 and has trained more than 6,000 individuals, many of whom have moved on and are now holding senior positions in their organizations and making significant contributions in the field of business.
CED designs and delivers Executive management development programs and Professional certification that aim to upgrade the skills and knowledge necessary for career development and advancement and enable organizations to leverage the competitive advantage of their workforce. By having CED Center as one of CBP training providers ATPs in 2017, TRACK IBTA-Arabia opens the door for CED Center to record more successes in training and qualifying CBP students. 
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