UAE – Zurich training institute Is A CBP™ ATP Center

Zurich training institute has successfully completed the accreditation requirements to become an Authorized CBP™ Training Provider - ATP.
The high quality standards of Zurich training institute have carved a niche in the Education sector, which has set it apart from its competitors. Zurich training institute has set a new benchmark by training people from all strata of society- privileged and underprivileged: its classrooms reflect equality among its students.
Zurich training institute focus is continuously on potential to support students to discover and value their own individuality, while providing an environment where there is freedom and order, and a balance between the needs of the individual and those of the community. To provide high quality and market driven education and training programs, skills assessments and consultancy services to meet the needs of adult learners and Employers.
TRACK IBTA-Arabia seeks to diversify training centers partnership that deliver IBTA CBP™ or CYBP™ programs as a strategy aimed at raising the training competencies and encourages delivering high levels of international quality in training to meet the growing demand of certifications by students and job seekers. In this regard, many training centers, schools and universities can be found providing CBP™ programs in line with the governmental visions in the Arab world.
By accrediting Zurich training institute, TRACK IBTA-Arabia enables the students to apply for the CBP™ program in united Arab of Emirates and sit for the international examination through communicating with the Zurich training institute administration in order to register, train, and obtain the certification.
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