Why to be an Authroized Training Provider-ATP ?

Executive Summary:

TRACK  IBTA Arabia looking forward for qualified Training Providers within MENA region to grant them the IBTA authorization to deliver high volume of Soft-Skills training for corporates and career-minded individuals. Certified Business Professional (CBP™) - the fastest growing certification for business and soft skills - has been in high demand in recent decade as CBP™ programs assure that graduates will be ready to join the workforce locally and globally.


Why ATP’s choose CBP?

ATPs choose to partner with IBTA to deliver its CBP™ certifications because of the high level of its brand recognition that comes with CBP™ and its reputation as a world leader in the industry. In addition, CBP is the fastest growing soft skills certification for business professionals with partners in the US, Canada, UK, India, China, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, South Africa, the Middle East, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Proposed Arrangement

TRACK Learning Solutions is looking forward to granting partners the authorization to deliver CBP™ Soft-Skills, and facilitate the international online exam for the certification candidates.


CBP Authorization and ATP Membership include the following benefits:

  • Referral opportunities: All CBP™ ATPs are eligible to receive customer leads and referrals through the CBP™ program for professionals who are interested in training on their business skills. These professionals can find out about your company through the official CBP™ ATP search engine on the CBP™ program web site at www.ibta-arabia.com, or through the CBP™ ATP program department.
  • CBP™ ATP Welcome Kit: On confirmation of your status as a CBP™ ATP, you will receive a welcome kit that contains a CBP ATP membership certificate and additional sales support information.
  • CBP™ Certified Instructor Program: As a CBP™ ATP, you will have access to a specialized certification program for your instructors to prepare them to teach the CBP™ courses.
  • ATP Marketing Programs: Joint marketing and marketing support are one of the unique features of the CBP ATP program. The CBP ATP Support team will be available to assist partners in developing marketing strategies along with providing pre-designed marketing and promotional campaigns, including CBP™ brochures and logos, flyers, ad campaigns, handouts, and more.
  • Exclusive CBP™ logo usage: All ATP partners have the right to use CBP™ ATP logos, CBP™ Professional, CBP Specialists and Master CBP™ logos for web sites, marketing materials, and other documentation.
  • Educational Support: All CBP™ ATPs will receive electronic weekly CBP™ News Flashes that contain program and industry news that will benefit your staff and business planning. Additionally, our Content Development Partners, CDPs are continuously working on improving the CBP curriculum to represent market demands.
  • Program Support: Your CBP™ training efforts will be supported by our professional CBP™ ATP program department staff that is available to answer any of your questions or support needs worldwide.
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