10 of Al Khaleej Training and Education Centers are a CBP™ Authorized Training Providers

Al Khaleej Training and Education was established in 1993 and has been continually working on conveying the international experiences with a domestic vision to the local market. Al Khaleej Training and Education has a strong presence with more than 80 training centers, professional call center services and international schools.

AKTEC is a leading company in training and education with a highly qualified team of employees exceeding 4500 employees who work according to a unified framework to achieve business goals aiming at offering training and educational solutions to all their clients and investing in the educational field such as establishing international and private schools, managing the university preparatory year and providing professional call center services to major companies.   By having Al Khaleej Training and Education as one of CBP™ training providers ATPs in 2018-2019, TRACK IBTA-Arabia opens the door for Al Khaleej Training And Education to record more successes in training and qualifying CBP students in KSA market.

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