CBP Executive – CBPe Track

The CBPe™ credential is for business professionals who wish to demonstrate expertise in all five CBP™ foundation areas of Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Business Etiquette and Business Communication. The CBP™e is a business executive who has developed a wide cross section of business skills and can integrate into a variety of positions within corporations. In order to attain the CBP™ Executive credential, candidates must attend all the five CBP™ Professional courses and pass all associated exams, which consist of the following:

Course Exam Number
Leadership CBP C10-506
Customer Service CBP C20-507
Sales CBP C30-508
Business Etiquette CBP C40-509
Business Communication CBP C50-510

With more than 3000 successful students and 31 partners, CBP certifications are the most sought-after professional qualification in Middle East and Gulf regions.

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