CYBP Certification

The Certified Young Business Professional (CYBP™) curriculum is the global standard for introducing young people to the world of business.

The CYBP™ curriculum is developed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) in an effort to provide a global standard for introducing students to the essential knowledge and skills required to be a young business professional, regardless of the industry. It therefore teaches a non-industry-specific approach to the essential skills required in business.
This program gives students a current and applicable introduction to all facets of the business world, from starting a business and operating it to making an impactful improvement to the way business is conducted.

Certified Young Business Professional – CYBP

  • The CYBP™ program is for Business Colleges who desire to provide students the foundational business skills required to support and lead today’s organizations. These foundational skills are required by practically all institutions and organizations as a measure of competency.
  • Business Colleges internally grade and put grades or credits on student transcripts like any other university course.
  • Student may choose, after finishing the class, to attain a global business certification from the International Business Training Association by taking the following official CYBP™ online exam offered by IBTA, the Certified Young Business Professional Y20901.

With millions of successful students and hundreds of partners, CBP & CYBP certifications are the most sought-after professional qualification in Middle East and Gulf regions.

Why is CYBP?

Global Business World Standard
  • Millions of new workers enter the workforce each year.
  • Many have technical or industry-specific skills, but lack the basic essential business skills.
  • Employers’ challenge is to identify the most qualified individual to employ requiring the least amount of training.
  • CYBP™ provides a quick and economical solution to advance and measure the business skill sets of high school students.

Benefits of CYBP

  • Greater student and parent satisfaction about future career options.
  • Enhances student employability.
  • Simple and reliable program that can be integrated into high school curriculum in one school year for example.
  • Establishes best practices for essential business skills.
  • Proof of business training achievement.
  • Certified individuals can demonstrate service skills.

CYBP Modules

  • Introduction to Business
  • Starting a Business
  • Leadership
  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Business Communication
  • Business Etiquette
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance and Budget
  • Technology in Business
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