Trends that will shape employee training in 2019

A successful organization recognizes the importance and strength of its workforce and gives it the value, motivation and training that it needs.  However, like any other field in the business world in this fast paced world, human resource is also changing with each passing year. The skills, training and resources that were once essential to our employees are now redundant. Similarly, the needs and skills that felt unnecessary are almost pivotal for a strong organization now. For instance automation and technology training is undoubtedly a necessity now in all organizations to increase efficiency.

Some trends that are shaping employee training in 2018 and will get stronger with each passing year are:

Micro-learning will gain popularity

As the name suggests, micro-learning refers to small and short term learning activities. Capturing the interest and attention of the trainee is not an easy task especially when a Google study claims that a human attention span is just 8 seconds. Fortunately micro-learning works with the human brain as opposed to against it. Small bursts of training allows greater retention as your mind does not get overloaded with too much information. This is proven by a study at Dresden University stating that micro-learning leads up to 20% more retention than other training methods. The on-going years will just see more refined and efficient ways to inculcate micro-learning into organizations.

AI will become more common

It has been some time since manual labour jobs, especially assembly line are being carried out by machines. However, robots and AI have still not become a common place is organizations except in technology giants like Google and Apple. However, AI is gaining strength and improvement with each passing day. It is not long when robots will be able to perform better cognitively then human resources. The introduction and common use of AI and robots will leave HR to brainstorm and restructure human workers’ purpose and scope in the existing organization and new trainings and skill sets must be developed for them.

Online training will result in efficiency

Training now plays a core part in every organization but now technology is being used at the advantage of both employees and the company to offer training which is accessible anywhere anytime and also cost efficient. However, undoubtedly face to face training has its own pros like more interaction but in today’s fast moving world; the pros of online training are matchless.

Personalization will be targeted

Personalization training has been popular since some years now and is gaining more momentum. This is due to the fact that one size fits all or generic trainings are not suitable for today’s times and task force. Every employee has different shortcomings and different strengths when it comes to the business world. To provide them with the training that will actually add value to their knowledge and allow them to grow and thrive better in the corporate world is a smarter choice to make. To assess which employee lacks in which area; pre assessments are carried out that help HR gauge the gaps and come up with personalized trainings to help fill them in.

Gamification will be implemented

Gamification involves using the psychology of games to engage the trainees, which results in better retention. In gamification, the training can be through competitive means such as games played in groups or individual. Learning something while having fun keeps everyone engrossed and interested which directly results in a successful workshop.

Performance management will become outdated

Ratings, annual reviews, and 360 degree feedback will become outdated due to the lack of efficiency in these methods. Instead, continuous coaching and mentoring will become the norm. Learning and development will be incorporated in every day work life along with mentoring by that one individual will hold more importance.

If you are working in the HR department and want to unearth better and more efficient ways to train your taskforce then look for a workshop aimed at trainers. The workshop will be a good source of ideas and will teach you new ways to train employees.

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