Personal Development Plan (PDP)

It is also called the Individual Development Plan, which is defined as the process of generating a down–to–earth plan of developing certain skills or knowledge, so that the individual masters them and can authentically apply them in their workplace. Yet, any development plan should be preceded by a clear statement of objectives that rhyme with the organization’s mission and the overall beliefs and values.

Personal Development Plan (PDP) should address three main issues:

  • What the employee is trying to achieve…
  • Whether it serves the employees’ professional growth…
  • Whether it specifies certain actions and steps (SMART)

Any plan should target specific and SMART objectives and a clear goal of what the person wants to do or be.

S: Specific Goals
M: Measurable and could be objectively evaluated
A: Attainable and could be achieved
R: Realistic and serves the career growth
T: Timely

Personal Development Plan Chart:

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