There are two steps gain the CBP certification:

1- Attend the official courses at a Certified Business Professional Authorized Training Partner (ATP), and possess course completion certificates.

2 – After completing the official courses, candidate must pass the CBP exam, a multiple-choice scenario based certification exam, ‘at a PROMETRIC Authorized Testing Center.

If you have any training centers nearby that you would like to recommend as an Authorized Training Provider, please send us an email with their information and we will approach the center with our products.

Certified Business Professional offers the business professional a vital skillset that is sought after by employers in the business field. What differentiates a CBP trained business professional from other job candidates is the internationally recognized certification earned after completing a CBP course.

Yes, everyone can study a Certified Business Professional course. The different levels of courses target individuals without/with experience, and who are looking to improve and develop their career.

Certified Business Professional courses are being taught exclusively through our Authorized Training Providers in direct contact sessions. The experience gained by enrolling in a Certified Business Professional course depends upon the practical and hands-on training provided in these courses.

You will receive your certificate of completion within four – to – six weeks after passing all the exams required for your Certified Business Professional designation.

Study materials are available exclusively at our Authorized Training Providers. Upon enrollment in a Certified Business Professional (CBP) course, you will receive a kit that includes the study materials covered in the course> Purchasing this kit will waive any extra charges required for the exam.

There is no limit on the number of times a Certified Business Professional (CBP) exam is taken. However, you will be charged an extra fee for each exam retake.

Certified Business Professional certification exams are only available as part of the study kit provided once a student registers for a course.

The following steps should be taken:

Present two forms of identification; at least one must include a photograph.
Pay your exam fee if it is still due.

Leave any study materials, calculators, cell phones, notebooks, or other items with the exam center administrator. CBP certification exams are closed-book, proctored examinations.

Take the computer-based certification examination. The examination may include brief surveys, which will not count against your examination time. You can also take a brief tutorial session if you want assistance using the exam software.

Achieve the exam’s passing score requirements.

Certified Business Professional (CBP) exams are not written exams; they are performance-based. Using real life scenarios, exam takers are asked to perform a series of tasks to clearly demonstrate their skills.

Unfortunately, refunds are not available for failing exam scores or missing exam appointments.

Yes, if you would like to make a recommendation for a course, please email us directly at cbp.cbp@ibta-arabia.com

The passing grade for a Certified Business Professional (CBP) course is 70%.

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