American University in RAK: Started an initiative to support Entrepreneurship in cooperation with EFE and IBTA

AURAK Session Entrepreneurship

The American University of Ras Al Khaimah launched an initiative to support entrepreneurship in cooperation with EFE and IBTA. The students successfully passed the international exam and obtained distinguished degrees.

On the behalf of the University, Mrs. “Najah Al-Wani, Director of the Center for Continuing Education and Community Services,” thanked Track IBTA- Arabia for the support provided for the success of this program with this distinguished quality.

The students also emphasized that they have benefited substantially from this program, which they prepared to enter the Business market and entrepreneurship backed by Track IBTA-Arabia.

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“اليوم كان حفل التخرج لدبلوم إسعاد المتعاملين الدفعة الخامسة .وكان الأول والثاني والثالث والرابع من العشر الاوائل على مستوى الدوله كانوا من طلابي والحمد لله. “

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Jaber Sh. Abu Zanat
Diploma Certified Trainer