CBPme – CBP Master Executive

The CBPme™ (CBP Master Executive) program is for candidates who wish to specialize and gain mastery in specific business skills segments such as Sales and Marketing, Project Management, Business Management and Technology. The CBP™ME is a business executive who possesses core business skills and has achieved mastery in a specific business field.

To achieve the CBPme™ (CBP™ Master Executive) designation candidates must complete the CBP™ Professional exams and sit one of the following CBP™ elective certifications:

Course Exam Number
Project Management CBP E10-706
Business Management CBP E20-707
Marketing CBP E30-708
Computer Technology CBP E40-709
Human Resources CBP E50 – 710
CBP Tourism & Hospitality CBP I10-810

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With millions of successful students and hundreds of partners, CBP certifications are the most sought-after professional qualification in Middle East and Gulf regions.

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“اليوم كان حفل التخرج لدبلوم إسعاد المتعاملين الدفعة الخامسة .وكان الأول والثاني والثالث والرابع من العشر الاوائل على مستوى الدوله كانوا من طلابي والحمد لله. “

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Jaber Sh. Abu Zanat
Diploma Certified Trainer