Certified Corporate Training Solutions

Government is struggling to take the lead in standards of excellence for the advancement of the nations. Through the preparation of individuals and institutions to support the visions and strategies of countries. Track IBTA Arabia Learning Solutions has developed a new suite of 20 internationally accredited programs for the Government & Corporate sector in the region. These programs are unique in that they develop the skills of public and private sector employees on international standards, taking into consideration the local requirements of the Arab world. The journey starts through the attendance of accredited training and workshops and conducting international exams through the Internet to get the trainee an international certificate accredited by the International Business Training Association – IBTA. These courses are custom developed for the needs of the government and corporate available in the Arabic language as well.

SR Certified Program Name Training Days Nos.
1 Tolerance in Business Two Days
2 Fourth generation system of government excellence Three Days
3 The National program of Happiness and Positivity Two Days
4 Negotiation and conflict management skills Three Days
5 Successful Leaders for Middle Management Three Days
6 Self-Control Skills (Emotional Intelligence) Three Days
7 Innovation & Government Accelerators Three Days
8 Future Forecasting Three Days
9 Artificial Intelligence – AI Three Days
10 Loyalty & Harmony in Business Three Days
11 Successful Women Three Days
12 Etiquette, Protocols and Legislation Three Days
13 Business Continuity Concept Three Days
14 The Art Of Etiquette and General Ethics Three Days
15 Effective Communication Skills Two Days
16 Team Building and Relationship Management Four Days
17 Corporate Governance Applications Three Days
18 Advanced Digital Archiving And Electronic Documents Management Four Days
19 Presentation Skills and Character Building Four Days
20 Design Thinking & Creative Leadership Four Days