Development of the creative leaders program for the KSA Market

Track IBTA-Arabia developed Creative Leaders Program for Aramco and Al-Khaleej in KSA. Certified Trainer was appointed to deliver the Training of Trainer(TOT) Program for 12 Trainers. These trainers passed the international exam and are now certified and ready to train 3000 students aged between 14-18.

This program helps to develop students with an ability to look at things in new ways and solve problems by seeing things others don’t and they also develop the following characteristics in themselves: leadership styles and perceptions, understanding of different cultures, individual and team motivations, interpersonal skills, levels of creativity, ability to manage change, communication styles, listening ability, decision-making skills, and personal ethics.

Some of the general objectives of this program are as follows:

  • Define the concept of leadership
  • Shows different styles of leadership.
  • Analyzes different styles of leadership.
  • Differentiate between different leadership styles
  • Highlights the characteristics of an effective leader.
  • Demonstrates the inspiring manager’s features.

The Outcomes of the program would be:

  • Explain what is meant by complicated problems.
  • Overcomes complicated problems.
  • Shows how to achieve creativity in management.
  • Analyzes the types of leadership.
  • Distinguish between types of leadership.
  • Infer the traits of an effective leader.
  • Highlights profiles of inspiring manager.
  • Concludes the importance of understanding defects and errors and deal with them positively.
  • Shows how to build a leader.
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“اليوم كان حفل التخرج لدبلوم إسعاد المتعاملين الدفعة الخامسة .وكان الأول والثاني والثالث والرابع من العشر الاوائل على مستوى الدوله كانوا من طلابي والحمد لله. “

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Jaber Sh. Abu Zanat
Diploma Certified Trainer