5 Ways to Improve your Business Communication 

Communication is the vital to your success as a professional or business. Effective communication allows you to get your message across and be on the same wavelength with everyone.

The dynamics of business communication have changed drastically in the last few years. Simple yet effective words are preferred over complex and difficult words. The formality of speaking and writing to the higher up has reduced. Communication happens instantly without a split second delay due to the internet.

Hence, this era of technology brings with it new sets of ways to improve your business communication. Some of those ways are:

Provide complete information

Hunting through long email chains is not just frustrating; it is also costly due to the loss of productivity that results from it. Save your colleagues from this torture by including all details and information in one email with a proper subject line. For instance your email should clearly highlight the problem (if there is one), all information pertaining to that problem, the consequences of it and how to solve it.

Make it clear and concise

In today’s world, an email has to be clear and concise rather than difficult and long. This means to write as you would speak. There is no need for difficult vocabulary as no one is going to grade you on it. Nor is there any need for unnecessary jargons. Forming long, hard to understand sentences will just make you look foolish who could not choose the right words to get his message across. Hence, try to use simple words but also be as concise as possible while not letting go of the clarity of your message.

Check, re-check and re-re-check your emails

This cannot be stressed enough and is probably the sole rule that will always stay the same when business communication is involved. Check your emails 1-3 times before sending it across as nothing can challenge your professional ability more than an email with typos. Also, pay special attention to spellings of names, designations and gender identifiers.

Consider your audience

Just like we change our tone and vocabulary before speaking to small children, the same applies for business communication. You have to make some changes in your vocabulary and attitude according to your audience.

For instance, an email to just your colleague with emojis and without proper formatting is acceptable. However, if you are sending the email to a board member, stay clear of emojis and use the correct gender as well as the designation. Hence, first know and understand your audience before addressing anyone.

Be a good listener

You cannot be good at communicating if you cannot be good at listening. To speak without hearing or understanding the other person’s point of view is a sign of a weak communicator.

In the business setting, active listening is also involved that takes time to master. With conversations jumping from superior to colleague to subordinate; you need to concentrate on what is said, understand all details, respond when needed and retain this information.

Business communication is one of the most important virtues that a good employee or business person must master. Overtime effective business communication will be the reason behind your many successes in the corporate world. Hence, before stepping into the workforce, be sure to take some self-help courses or effective communication classes that can help you in setting a good first impression.

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