MOI Happiness diploma via Etisalat Academy

Following the successful success of the UAE Government Excellence Program, the Diploma of Excellence in Customer Service and the following updates over the past years, Track LS and Etisalat have launched the Diploma of The “Customer Happiness” Diploma.

The professional and the accredited diploma has been developed to achieve the vision of the National Program of Happiness and Positivity, which was built in accordance with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. This is not only the first priority of the government, but it embodies the government’s main program and the ultimate goal of excellence in government work in the country.

The basic principles of the diploma are as follows:

  • The government service is centered on the client’s happiness as the main point.
  • Analyzing the client’s journey while receiving the government service, and studying all the surrounding and influential factors, which constitute the final impression of the client about the service he has received.
  • The importance of focusing on the importance of human nature and human element in dealing with the client and provide government service to him.
  • The need to innovate and engage the client in the design and development of services continuously.
  • Studying the means and incentives that make the client positive and happy with the service and the treatment he receives, which motivates him to recommend the service provider and praise him and encourage other dealers to request service from the recommended employee.

The Diploma includes 7 training programs that focus on developing the service, building happiness in the work place and creating a work environment that takes into consideration the needs of the employee and the customer and helps motivate the employee to provide service in international standards.

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