Retirement of Program – CBP Computer Specialist

As part of our continuous improvement of the Certified Business Professional (CBP) training and certification program, we will be making a change to the Certification Path.

Over the past two (2) years, we have noticed that because computer technology for business has become more intuitive and user-friendly, the need for the course “Computer Technology Specialist” in the business world is no longer as essential a business skill as it was fifteen (15) years ago when Track IBTA-Arabia first started developing the course.

That said, from September 1st, 2020, IBTA will retire the course and the books will no longer be available. The certification exam will remain available unit May 31st, 2021, and IBTA will issue certificates, including CBP Master Executive certificates if appropriate, upon passing the official exam.

Thank you for your commitment to helping us develop and maintain global standards for essential business skills.

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