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Many training and certification programs have created pre-evaluation systems as one of the measurement tools to check the understanding of the learners and course outcomes. These are called Preparatory Exams or Prep Exams where learners experience the same exam atmosphere and types of questions and mode of expected answers in the final exam. Training companies and management could then form a good idea of how much the training have made from the course.

Any effective evaluation system or examination format should be:

Thus, the CBP™ Preparatory Exam is one of the most important stages of becoming a Certified Business Professional. It allows candidates to experience authentic CBP™ exam atmosphere and measures the acquired skills and knowledge and aid in maximizing the candidate’s potential in succeeding in the final exam by helping the CBP™ candidate to get to know the possible types of questions.

The prep and final exams measure technical proficiency and establish a level of core competency required to be a CBP™ due to the fact that the questions in the prep and final exam are aligned with the course material, workshops, lectures, simulations and hands-on sessions given throughout the course. The CBP certification final exams are administered by PROMETRIC, Inc. through our Authorized Testing Centers worldwide.

With millions of successful students and hundreds of partners, CBP certifications are the most sought-after professional qualification in Middle East and Gulf regions.

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“اليوم كان حفل التخرج لدبلوم إسعاد المتعاملين الدفعة الخامسة .وكان الأول والثاني والثالث والرابع من العشر الاوائل على مستوى الدوله كانوا من طلابي والحمد لله. “

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Jaber Sh. Abu Zanat
Diploma Certified Trainer