Tips for Choosing the Right Team for Effective Project Management

The success of any project is directly related to its team members and it’s not just about hiring the most skilled, experienced, or talented team members.

There are many other factors and characteristics of effective team members to consider that determine the failure or success of any project. A project is an amalgamation of many people who possess different traits, characteristics and skills. The right synergy between all these aspects makes the project a feat.

If you are a project leader or manager and are responsible for forming a team, then do ensure that all your team members possess the following traits:

  • Team player

The most vital characteristic of any team member is that he/she should be a team player which involves them being flexible and accommodating to handle and face any friction and unpleasant experiences with other team members and managers in a positive manner. There are self-absorbed, patronizing and moody employees who may cause mayhem to the smooth working of a project and hence, they are not an ideal team member.

  • Communicator

Excellent communication skills are undoubtedly required for any job role and position. However, during a project someone with ace communication skills can be a valuable addition as they can effectively communicate with many team members of various backgrounds and at different levels in the organization. If your project members are not good communicators, they will have trouble putting a good plan into action and also solving small and big conflicts that are bound to happen between people working so closely on one project.

A good communicator is not only the one who can express well. A good communicator is also one who listens to others when they are sharing their input and voicing their thoughts and ideas about the project or a problem at hand.

  • Organized

Chaos and success cannot go hand in hand. For a successful project, your team members must be organized and well planned.  They should know what is happening on the project at each step and keep all data, facts, timelines and deadlines in a well-structured and organized manner.

  • Initiators

You do not want someone who simply follows your orders or other team members during a project. You want someone who initiates ideas and plans and is eager to put them into action. No doubt initiators can make mistakes as many ideas do fail. However, it is better to take a well calculated plunge then not do anything at all due to the fear of failure.

  • Positive influencers and motivational

Any team member will be a positive addition to the team and who has influence over their peers, superiors and colleagues. They should be able to effectively influence and persuade the team members as well as community members to take the actions that are vital for the success of the project. A person who can influence, motivate and inspire others to take the necessary action is an ideal candidate for your project.

  • The right skills and experience

Of course every project has an agenda and not everyone is equipped with the skillset needed to complete the project successfully. Hence, you should choose the team members who possess the right skills required for the job. For instance, to establish a new website for your organization, you cannot take on board the finance manager however motivational and a team player he is. The person you would need has to have skills and `certifications in Photoshop and website designing.

Technically there is no harm against getting a newbie on board a project as they may have fresh out of the box ideas. But someone with experience in the field would be more welcome as there may be lesser chances of mistakes.

  • Creative

A creative team member can find ingenious ideas to solve big or small problems and those kind of people are the life of any project.

You cannot expect every team member of a project to possess all the above mentioned traits. However, this is the general criteria of a good team member and should be looked into when recruiting members for a project. Also, all organizations provide their employees with trainings. Maybe creativity cannot be learnt through a seminar but good communication and other skills can be attained with the help of workshops and every organization should try and equip their employees with as much expertise and proficiency as possible.

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