Top 10 Career Courses for Professionals to Study and Succeed in 2020

When deciding a career path it is difficult to determine which courses to take to succeed in your career, considering it has continuous and progressive demand in 2020 and beyond. With changing lifestyles, technology, and business techniques, it is important to keep up with the change and master it to stay ahead. Information Technology has been constantly evolving being still in demand to businesses, government and consumers alike with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Automation, Analytical Reasoning, and People Management topping the demanded skills in IT. Marketing has been upgrading and increasing in demand for every company selling products or services and it is going more and more into being customer-centric.

Project management has also been growing due to companies having various projects that need to be handled separately. Human Resources, Sales and Customer service professionals will always be demanded, especially in Dubai where it is estimated that there will be 20 million visitors in 2020 increasing skill demands.

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1. Information Technology

Due to changing technology and dependence in it, a course in Information Technology is helpful for anyone whether you are an accountant who needs to use the accounting software or a marketing professional who needs to market products digitally. Regular school and college curriculums don’t cover the essential skills required to complete tasks in the real job market so learning specialized IT course is vital for anyone wanting to grow and succeed in their career.

2. Artificial Intelligence

In this new era of advanced technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be seen taking an upward demand in various areas of organizational operations which helps them to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. Whether its servicing customers through AI Chat-Bots or estimating the travel cost of an individual like Careem or Uber does. These skills could be in popular demand in 2020, where companies would need to cut their costs, save time for various operations and provide new/better features for customers.

3. Project Management

Companies undergoing the completion of any kind projects like in Construction, Finance, IT, etc. needs Project Management Professionals to manage and operate these big projects, for Eg: Construction of buildings/bridges , deployment of IT infrastructure in a company or assessing huge financial risks are all important part of projects which require project management professionals to handle it. Studying this course would help professionals to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor, Control and Close projects depending upon the scale of the project. Candidates passionate about becoming Project Managers should focus to learn and implement the basics and advanced skills for their success in career growth.

4. Training/Teaching

Learning has always been part and parcel of our lives from Kindergarten to getting trained in Companies and the integral part of this learning is Tutor/Trainer who is responsible to educate or train in the best way possible. Due to increasing demand by companies in the requirement of extra skills or qualifications, people are ready to get educated and trained by the experts. Certified Instructors and Trainers course would help these Tutors or Trainers to enhance their teaching/training skills like Ameliorating the communication skills so that trainers can dynamically develop their trainees, developing trainers to be able to manage and run Workshops/conferences, training halls, coming up with new role-playing games, tailoring training according to different topics, etc.

5. People Management

People management is also known as human resource management can be seen in every organization whether its the Human Resource Department, Managers or Leaders. This skill is vital for productivity, morale, motivation, change management, etc. which every leader or HR must take. A Human Resource Management Specialist course would help you gain ample knowledge to employ these functions in the organization. Everyone has different behavior in an organization so it is of utmost importance to keep the employees happy increasing productivity leading to the growth of both the manager and their subordinates by developing the ability to learn through the adoption of new information and work techniques. 

6. Marketing

Industries have changed the way of marketing products and services from traditional to digital. So if you are passionate about marketing you need to dig deep into it, continuously learn and practice, and upgrade your skills according to the current market. With Marketing Courses one can develop their marketing skills for various products and services like developing a marketing plan, effectively executing it, the importance of targeting the audience, various promotion techniques, etc. From display banners beside the road to social media advertisement, its all part of developed creative marketing strategy which important to be learned by an individual for their success in career and their growth in an organization.

7. Business Management

Every business has employees and those employees have different roles and functions but who will manage, motivate and lead those employees? Managers come into play in these functions. Every company has a manager be it a different department manager or the General Manager, the role of the manager is basically based on POSDC (Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling) functions in an organization. Managers acquire these skills through continuous learning and experience. Studying a Business Management course would help them to gain knowledge about these areas and how to employ them based on the industry and organization.

8. Business Communication (Soft-Skill)

Communication has many means nowadays, it can be through verbal/oral communication or mediums like E-mails, letters, marketing advertisements and many more. In an organization proper medium and method must be used to communicate with the customers, subordinates, colleagues, managers, and customers. Learning a Business Communication soft-skill would help individuals to develop oral communication and presentation skills, professional writing skills in business, telephone communication skills to accomplish business and how to communicate with the target audience or customers, essential for success and growth in career. It would definitely help in your personal and professional life.

9. Sales

Sales is an integral part of any organization selling products or services where it helps generate revenue for the business to sustain and grow. Learning various selling techniques, consumer behavior and various sales cycles would help an individual to excel in the career of Sales. Getting Certified in Sales Profession would enable individuals to gain knowledge of various sales functions and gain skills to think out of the box to succeed in their career.

10.Tourism and Hospitality

Countries and cities having a large number of tourists would have a large demand for tourism and hospitality services, be it traveling companies, hotels, restaurants, etc. In places like Dubai every year the number of tourists is increasing, which in turn has a direct relation with the growing business of the Tourism and Hospitality sector. Gaining knowledge and learning Tourism and Hospitality would help an individual to gain knowledge about Self-presentation, communication, building rapport with customers, dealing and solving customer problems, etc.

These Top 10 courses would help individuals to stand out from their competition and grow in their careers on their way to success. Of course, these courses alone would not help you but being passionate about it, constant learning and applying and never give up attitude would definitely help you to succeed in your career.

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