Top Skills that will matter for Organisations during Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 to be held on 20th October 2020 is expected to have a significant contribution to various industries and overall economy of UAE. Around 25 million visitors are expected to visit the Dubai Expo 2020, out of which 70% are predicted to be from outside UAE. These visitors are required to be dealt with professional skills by the organisations such as construction, architecture and interior design, besides event management, government, retail and hospitality.

Top SKills That will matter for organisations during dubai expo 2020

The top skills that will matter for organisations during Dubai Expo 2020 are:

1) Communication Skills

Communication Skills would be the most important skill any organisation should undertake whether communicating internally or externally with customers or other businesses. As it is expected, the visitors arriving would be from different countries having different cultures and ethnic backgrounds, it is important for any organisation specially the one’s facing and dealing with those visitors as customers need to nurture and  upgrade their expertise in their Communication Skills.

The CBP Business Communication program provided by IBTA-Arabia would greatly help organisations to achieve this.

2) Sales Skills

Everyone knows that organisations offering products and services requires  sales skills and it is a no-brainer. There will be an expected substantial increase in demand for various products and services in UAE during the Expo 2020. This will require for various organisations to brush-up their Sales Skills of their Sales Team. It is important for organisations to train their employees in such a way that they represent the brand value to the customers by understanding the needs and coming up with the solutions for the customers as effective as possible.

The CBP Sales program provided by IBTA-Arabia would help organisations to achieve this.

3) Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and Hospitality sector is expected to get a boost in 2020 with visitors expected mainly as tourists. So, it is a great opportunity for Businesses in those sectors, who are required to work on upgrading the existing skills of their employees so that they can serve their customers in a better way.  These skills are very important because the employees represent the overall quality and services offered by these businesses.

The CBP Tourism and Hospitality program provided by IBTA-Arabia would help businesses to achieve this.

4) Customer Service

Customer Service is nowadays changing to being more customer-centric on how to keep the customers happy by understanding and fulfilling their needs. Customer service requires persuasive communication, patience, active listening and problem-solving skills. Any organisation providing customer service be it before sales or after-sales, they will need to train their employees with those skills for near future.

The CBP Customer Service program provided by IBTA-Arabia is designed by industry experts for fulfilling any organisational needs.

5) Project Management

Companies nowadays are undergoing big changes with big projects in their hand to be fulfilled in timely manner, which is the responsibility of an efficient Project Manager to handle it. The opportunities for construction, interior designing, event management etc. companies require skilled project managers to complete their tasks with Expo 2020 coming their way.

The CBP Project Management program provided by IBTA-Arabia is designed to increase the expertise of Project Managers with relevant skills and knowledge of managing big and complex projects.

Hence, it is recommended to upgrade and brush-up the skills of the current as well as new employees so that they are ready for the Dubai Expo 2020 with effectivity and efficiency.

With more than 3000 successful students and 31 partners, CBP certifications are the most sought-after professional qualification in Middle East and Gulf regions.

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